Alicia Shone

Alicia Shone, our DM 5 in AL/LA is in immediate need of our Round Room support! Recently, she found a leak in her roof, above her children’s bathroom. The leak has been there for quite some time but wasn’t visible and as a result, mildew and mold have been building up on the walls, ceiling and closet.


Currently, she is unable to pay for a new roof but it is imperative that the roof is fixed immediate to save from further damage, not only to her home but to the health of Alicia and her 4 children. Two of her children suffer from asthma and any exposure to mold can trigger asthma complications.


If you know Alicia, you know asking for help is not something she does easily. She is the type of person who would give you her last dollar and the shirt off her back without a second thought. She is a single mom of 4 children and works her tail off to provide for them independent of other support. She has been an integral part of the TCC team for 21 years and I know that our Round Room Family will jump at the chance to help Alicia and her sweet family. Please give what feels right and if you are unable to give monetarily, please keep Alicia and her kids in your thoughts and prayers.

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