Jonathan & Kelly Bottoms

In early December 2022, Jonathan Bottoms suffered a horrific accidental fall. He was in Denver training for his new job in aviation with a dream employer. He spent about two and half weeks in a Denver hospital and then was transported back to Atlanta as a patient at the Shepherd Center.

He sustained a broken neck and a serious spinal cord injury and is presently totally disabled and faces a lengthy period of rehabilitation. His movement is improving but living expenses as well as expenses that are not reimbursed by insurance have been significant, presently approaching $100,000.00.

Jonathan’s wife Kelly, who is a licensed real estate agent, has paused her career to be Jonathan’s primary full-time caregiver. In addition to their normal living expenses, they have had to purchase a handicap van, build ramps at their home, and build out a handicap bathroom and shower, plus large deductibles for healthcare and co-pays for prescriptions.  In addition, they have hired supplemental home care for two-days per week to give Kelly needed assistance caring for Jonathan.

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