Local Veteran Needs Help

This veteran is in desperate need of help.  He is facing eviction from his home due to deteriorating conditions.  With a little blood, sweat, tears, and your generous financial giving, TOGETHER we can hopefully prevent him from being homeless!  This veteran is a senior citizen, who served our country and fought for all of us to enjoy the freedoms we are now afforded. Now, it is time for us to fight for him.

After proudly serving our country for nearly-18 years (8 of which were abroad on assignments/orders) he retired to the mountains of North Georgia.  Over the years, due to some circumstances beyond his control, he has now found himself in a desperate situation.  His house is falling in around him.  He loves his home and it’s his desire is to stay there.  Unfortunately, he is not able physically or financially to make the repairs needed.

Tallulah Falls Chief of Police, Tonya Elrod found herself wanting to help.  After many visits, conversations, and much listening, she not only gained a new friend, she also gained his trust.  Having gained such, he has allowed her “in” not only his home but, his life as well.  After evaluating the situation, Chief Elrod started the ball rolling in helping the disabled, retired veteran!  She reached out to many of her associates and personal contacts and hence, the project is now well underway with people helping in many ways.

With the house and property being in the current state, it has been required of us to take down trees, remove rubbish, and rebuild the entire house inside and out.  We will need all materials including but not limited to, lumber, roofing, wiring, plumbing. sheetrock, appliances….EVERYTHING you would need to build a new home.   It is a modest home, as such we are hoping to be able to rebuild using as much repurposed/recycled items as possible.

We are asking the residents/businesses of N. GA for donations for cleaning supplies, food, and beverage donations for the working crews etc.  The outpouring and donations have been amazing thus far.  Currently we are well stocked to continue the mission.

We are now seeking cash donations to purchase building supplies, permits etc. to get this home rebuilt ASAP.

Please find it in your heart to donate to this amazing project just as this veteran found it in his heart to serve our country and every one of us!


** All Donations are the property of Helping Hands Charitable and to be used at the discretion of Helping Hands Charitable. **