Shalece Laughner

Shalece Laughner, one of our amazing IT team members here at Store Support really needs our help!! Shalece is a single mom of 3 wonderful kids and over the past two years has become the sole provider for not only her children but her mom and dad. Currently, her mom is finishing treatment for breast cancer and her dad is undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer.

In addition to the cancer treatments, Shalece’s oldest daughter, Hailey is pregnant with twins, due in July. However, Hailey went into early labor and is currently in the hospital!! The doctors were able to stop the labor progression twice but due to other complications, if the labor starts again, she will have to deliver the twins who are currently weighing about 3lbs each.

In addition to help financially, she is in dire need of PTO donations. If you have an extra day or two, please consider donating these to Shalece so she can be supportive of the delivery of 2 sweet babies and their mama. She only has 8 hours left in the year.

If you don’t have extra PTO or funds to support them, please just keep the family in your thoughts and if you see Shalece in the hallways looking frazzled, you know why. ❤


** All Donations are the property of Helping Hands Charitable and to be used at the discretion of Helping Hands Charitable. **