Wyatt Brown

Two months ago, Wyatt Brown, TCC employee in Marion, IN started having a noticeable pain in his head. It was on the right side near the back. As a few days passed, the pain got worse and he noticed his vision was affected, as well as tingling in his hands causing him to lose grip. A CT and MRI confirmed that he had a tumor, the size of a dime, on his parietal lobe.

Before he could get an appointment with a specialist, the tumor grew, and symptoms were starting to intensify quickly. He and his mother, with the help of a local doctor, decided the best course of action was to go to Fort Wayne Lutheran hospital’s ER. He was immediately admitted and underwent an emergency craniotomy to remove the tumor.

Early reports were good, as the surgeon reported that he got the entire mass. However, pathology has now come back with a diagnosis of Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH). LCH is a rare disorder that can cause damage to tissue or cause lesions to form in one or more places in the body. This disorder usually presents itself in early childhood and effects one in 2 million people.

Wyatt is also positive for a cancer mutation gene which makes these types of growths more concerning. He will be a lifetime patient of this disorder because it attacks the organs of the body. After a PET scan is complete, the course of action will be developed and he will be referred to an oncologist at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.

Since the beginning, Wyatt has tried to remain positive and even tried to return to work but has now determined work is not going to be possible in the immediate future. The uncertainty of missing work and future medical bills has prompted us to start this fund for Wyatt. It is our hope that through our donations, supporting our fellow co-worker, that Wyatt can focus on his treatment and healing rather than monthly bills.

All donations to this fund will go directly to pay Wyatt’s living and medical bills and are tax deductible.

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