Deena Ruff

Please choose to help support the Ruff family overcome the financial burden of medical costs, as Deena fights a very personal battle with cancer.

Tim Petroshus Care Fund
Angaline Marie West

If you would like to contribute to help Angaline and her family during this challenging time, please donate. All donations are appreciated.

Linda & Jacques Memorial Fund (Linda Mercer)

On December 14th, Linda’s husband Jacques passed away unexpectedly. They had been together for 13-loving years. Linda describes Jacques as her rock, protector, and best friend. She always called him her “security blanket” because he always made her […]

Outliers Baseball Fund

Your donation helps support our mission promoting character, sportsmanship, integrity, and hard work through the game of baseball.

Andy & Jennie Family Medical Fund

Andy’s wife Jennie is dealing with multiple diagnosis and lives with debilitating illnesses daily. Recently, Jennie had a medical procedure to insert a picc line so that she may receive medication and fluids via IV. Jennie has undergone […]

Allan Hampton

This fund has been established in loving memory of Allan Hampton’s daughter.  Please choose to help support Allan as he navigates this difficult time.

Robert Milton LePage, Jr.

Robert Milton LePage, Jr. will be missed by his fellow associates of Jackson HealthCare. In honor of his memory, please choose to help support his loving family, as they navigate through this difficult time.

Harnessing Hope Cares – Equine Therapy

If you are interested in helping others, please consider supporting this fund.  Harnessing Hope has a way of reaching those who need it most.

Vanessa Barros & Family

On Saturday, July 23 Vanessa’s brother-in-law, Alejandro was riding his motorcycle when an oncoming vehicle cut him off. As a result, he was thrown from his bike and airlifted to a local RI hospital where he is currently […]

Focus on the City
Wyatt Brown

Two months ago, Wyatt Brown, TCC employee in Marion, IN started having a noticeable pain in his head. It was on the right side near the back. As a few days passed, the pain got worse and he […]

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