Kimberly Stevenson and Family

Kimberly Stevenson’s son and daughter in law gave birth to Libbi on April 13th 2022. Libbi was born six and a half weeks pre-mature needing to undergo extensive heart surgery. Libbi and her family were in the NICU […]

Corey Chesler

Corey Chesler, an employee here at MonarchDIRECT, passed away from Covid on 12/4/21.  Corey, at the young age of 53, leaves behind his wife, Teresa and three sons, Kyle, Kevin, and Keith.

Chris Kilcrease Education Fund

Due to the passing of Chris Kilcrease, we are accepting donations to help with educational needs of her two children.

Local Veteran Needs Help

This veteran is in desperate need of help.  He is facing eviction from his home due to deteriorating conditions.  With a little blood, sweat, tears, and your generous financial giving, TOGETHER we can hopefully prevent him from being […]

Spinal Cord Injury USA – Clint Cook

As a lover of being active, Clint Cook encourages all wheelchair users to be active, whether its playing sports, traveling or finding a hobby that gets you out of the house. “I think it’s important to get involved […]

Renewal Christian Counseling Center

A History of Healing… Renewal Christian Counseling Center was birthed for the purpose of providing Christian Counseling with a fresh, Godly perspective on emotional healing. Renewal means, “to bring newness to,” and, “to build or renovate what has […]

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